The Phoenix Awakens




A book of 21 Honest & Inspiring Stories of Resilience, Growth & Entrepreneurship
by Women Entrepreneurs in Singapore from Diverse Backgrounds & Industries
to Inspire & Encourage Women of All Ages & Backgrounds to embrace Growth & fulfil their True Potential!

By the time you finish reading this book, you will feel Inspired, Encouraged & gain Fresh Perspectives on Becoming & Growing as an Entrepreneur. You will also develop a Deeper Understanding of the Unique Challenges women entrepreneurs face & a more Profound Respect for the innate Strength & Resilience that women have.

Praise for

Venus Rising: The Phoenix Awakens

and its authors

What you can expect when you get your hands on this Venus Rising book

21 Stories organised around Useful Themes: More than 220 pages of meaningful, easy-to-read content in a handy soft cover book, with stories organised around these relatable themes:

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A Diverse Group of Authors to Inspire Women of All Backgrounds

Every woman entrepreneur in this book has her inspiring story to share, & we are particularly proud that our authors reflect this diversity. They come from a wide range of backgrounds – from single to married to once-married; from their 20s to 60s; from industries such as Wellness & Beauty to Family & Financial Development, from Leadership & Business Services to Digital Marketing & Web Design- so that you’ll see how you too can forge your own path, Your Way.


Get to know the Authors of Venus Rising & our ‘Why’ for Doing This

You might be wondering who we are and why we wrote this book.

All the authors in this book are part of BNI Venus, Singapore. We are a business group that supports and unites women entrepreneurs. We meet weekly to support each other to grow ourselves and our business, forming bonds that grow into deep personal and professional relationships. 

We decided to do this book as a way to Give. To give back to ourselves – for the many trials & triumphs we have gone through – and to give back to many others out there who need encouragement and support to chart their own path to success, Their Way. 

In fact, in the process of producing this, our book became more than a book. It metamorphosed into an experience of women entrepreneurs honestly and unflinchingly sharing how overcoming the challenges in their life had transformed them, both personally and professionally. No story is more authentic than one’s own story. There is no testament of success stronger than the fact that each of us is still standing, head unbowed. 

We hope you will experience the same for your own Journey.

Thank you for reading our message.

We hope you will get this book for yourself & the women in your lives. Even better, share this webpage with your network too! We would deeply appreciate it.

Thank you & we hope we’ll get to meet you soon!

With Love & Gratitude,
From all 21 of us who wrote this book.
The Venus Rising Authors

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