Sue-Ann Chan

Sue-Ann is a dedicated accredited secular mindfulness coach who has empowered kids and adults through her 18 years of teaching and coaching.  Her core drive is to use unconditional love, compassion & acceptance to help others live hope & possibilities and to bring out their full potential as a wholesome human being.  She encourages everyone […]

Stacey Lwin

Stacey has been a financial consultant for more than a decade. Beyond her technical expertise, she is also a Trainer who shares positivity of life and helps individuals build self reliance while finding joy in adversity. Having faced changes since young, she believes that building agility increases productivity and aids in adapting to changes in […]

Sharon Lee

Sharon is a self-motivated entrepreneur who has owned and managed businesses in Singapore as well as Vietnam.  She has an IBF certification in Financial Planning, a Diploma in Banking and a Degree in Logistics Management.  She comes from the heart about helping individuals build up their net worth and wealth over time. Sharon is passionate […]

Sarah Aranda

Sarah is the creator and Principal trainer for iSpeakMalay Language Programme.  She has 15 years in the teaching arena and was an educator at the Ministry Of Education. She shares her knowledge and passion with learners from around the world including  Hong Kong and the United States. She wants nothing more than to promote meaningful […]

Pika Sen

Pika is a Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist & Educationalist with 28 years of experience. She is the Founder/Director of Imagine If Bespoke Education Experience. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and Master of Science in Health Care Management.  Her ultimate dream is to spark an educational revolution and bring bespoke education to […]

Nirupama Soni

Nirupama is a founder of Synergy Locus and a qualified experienced Reiki Master Teacher. To her credit,she holds a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Advance Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Consultant for Goulding Sleeptalk Process and MBA with an experience of 11 years in corporate career.  She is an active member of Singapore Usui Reiki Association […]

Joyan Ng

Joyan is a professional distributor in the Beauty Shapewear from Genuine Beauty International. Other than being a Certified Yoga Instructor, she was a fitness trainer.  She aspires to lead a team of women to grow in spiritual and personal life as well as to connect and assist each other in all angles of life. People […]

Joyce Lim

Joyce is the Co-founder and Chief Designer of J’Atelier Pte Ltd, an interior design studio that has been serving residential and commercial clients since 2017. She spent the first 12 years of her career as a consultant designer working in mega design firms like DP Design and Ong & Ong. During her stint in these […]

Jinny Lim

Jinny is a Nutritional Immunology Specialist with 7 years of experience under her belt. With a burning passion in educating people with the right knowledge of health, she switched her career from the Oil & Gas industry to the Health Industry.  With awareness on importance of building an anti-fragile life, she switched from E quadrant […]

Jen Lau

Jen is a Financial Planner with five years of experience in the Life Insurance industry. She has served over 300 individuals with her genuine heart, and has acquired Certificate in Financial Needs Analysis and Plan Construction. She advocates planning instead of product selling as she believes that everyone has a unique path in life. She […]